Oct. 7th, 2012

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So, in past posts I've alluded to the fact that I'm part of a gaming group that meets every Sunday night. We currently have a rotation of three houses and four games, and 6-7 people (depending on the game). Well, two of the group (Best Friend and her husband) are vegetarian. And this group is really good about being guinea pigs for my culinary experiments.

Well, for this week I decided I wanted to make enchiladas. Well, a lasagna-like version of enchiladas since my crock's in a circle and that doesn't hold logs of tortillas wrapped around filling very well. I'm also playing around with TVP for the first time as a part of the filling. And given that I'm cooking in a crock pot due to lack of oven, I also run the risk of everything turning to a pot of mush. I've done some things to hopefully prevent that from happening...

Rough recipe-ish description under here. )

So wish me luck with that... The crock isn't as full as I'd like for feeding six people, most of whom are big eaters, but I also have the fail!brownies and some homemade chocolate ice cream to hopefully make up for that.
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So, Evil Game. I'm playing a monk. We're in an underground corridor, that was partially blocked. I decided to show off and acrobat over the blockage instead of climb over. I accidentally set off a trap in the ceiling, causing rocks to fall into the room. One of the other characters rolled a 1 on his reflex save. At the HP level he was at, it would take 66 points damage to instantly kill him with no chance of saving him. He took 65 points damage.

Let's just say the character with the healing spells is Not Happy with my character. :D

And given this is the Evil Game, my character doesn't really care. He's actually a bit amused, though he's not showing it.


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