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Just finished my skirt! This is two items sewn in two weeks!

So, I used Sew Classic's Linen Look linen/rayon blend (55%/45% respectively) in Deep Lake, bought from JoAnn. I did a half-circle instead of a full circle, but I mostly followed this tutorial, except for the zipper. Instead I hand-picked the zipper, following Tasal's tutorial, though I did put in the zipper before the waistband, and had the ends of the zipper tucked into the waistband. The skirt has one side seam, and I used the selvedge edge of the fabric so that I wouldn't have to finish those edges. I followed the machine-rolled hem instructions in the tutorial, after I figured out where to actually PUT it.

And here it is!

I am super-happy with it, despite the minor problems I struggled through along the way. Now I need to decide what I want to do next. Should I draft and muslin a straight skirt so I can use up the rest of this color fabric? Or should I wash the purple so I can make a full circle skirt out of it? There was enough extra length cut off of this skirt that I should have just enough to make a full circle out of two yards of this width, and again only need to have one seam.
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