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So I went to try to pick the rest of my friend's plums, and they had gone bad on the tree. :( So I think I'll try making some lemon jelly after picking meyer lemons at my Dad's tomorrow... (Will have to wait to juice them until next week, since I work weekends.)

I've been working on projects for the Ravellenics (they ended up renaming the knitting/crochet games since the USOC was making such a stink. Bleh). I'm working on a scarf for my cousin. I hate knitting scarves, but she's worth it. And maybe this will motivate me enough to actually get it DONE.

Only now I'm working on the big pink block after a fourth set of black stripes. I have a matching hat I've already made to go with it.

And then I've also made some crocheted pads to go on the bottom of pots for canning.

And I've also made yogurt! :D It took me two tries, though. lol The first time the texture came out right, but something went wrong in the culturing because yeast grew instead of the yogurt bacteria. I was following this slow-cooker tutorial, though with a tweaked ingredient list... Since that didn't work out, I tried a slightly different method, though still using a slow cooker.

I ended up using my metal slowcooker and added a kitchen towel so that it would maintain a waterbath in the right temperature range for incubating yogurt. The setup looked like this:

See the thermometer keeping track of the temp in the water bath? lol This second batch was successful! I ended up with four pints yogurt, plus a half cup to use as starter for the next batch. I'm already straining one pint with spices for yogurt cheese to serve at game Sunday night. I'm also going to move some to a half-pint jar with jam grab for breakfast tomorrow. (I often eat breakfast at work, and lately that's been grabbing a candy bar out of the vending machine. That's a new habit I need to nip in the bud!)

And then incidentally, I also baked my first loaf of bread in months. Three days later, and it's about 3/4 gone... >_> LOL I've totally missed having grilled cheese sandwiches. And PB&Js. And my own bread is so much more hearty and filling than any storebought.

So, that's what I've been up to.
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