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So, took Jack in to the vet's this morning for surgery. Poor baby was starving and the pain meds starting to wear off, so he was Not Happy. And then the surgeon had an emergency and so was running way late. Like, they're expecting him to get in about now (5:30 PM Pacific). So they'll be keeping Jack overnight. (That way I'm not taking him home still knocked out on drugs from the surgery.)

And I've been keeping myself busy today to combat the worry. Put ingredients in the bread machine for a loaf (note to self: get more yeast next time you're at the store). That's still going. Also baked a cake in my slow cooker, just to try it out. (Prepped a bundt pan, then put it directly in the base of my crock pot--it fit perfectly.) That came out wonderful, and I just had a small slice. I've also made mayo, and that's sitting out to let the acid kill any nasties that may have been in the yolk.

I have to admit, I'm a Best Food's junkie when it comes to mayo. (For those on the East Coast of the US, Best Foods is the West Coast equivalent to Hellmann's.) I've made mayo once before, using AB's recipe, but the taste wasn't quite right for me. So this time I used plain distilled vinegar and under-measured the dry mustard by a bit. I like how it turned out a lot better this time!

And I've also recently got a decent homemade approximation of McCormick's Bag'n Season Pork Chop mix. These were the pork chops of my childhood, and I still love them. I made up a jar of my mix today. My recipe is 2 parts paprika to 1 part each salt, sugar, garlic pepper, and ground ginger. And it's 2 tsps of the mix for 4 pork chops. Original recipe is to sprinkle it on four boneless chops (around 3/4" thick), put in their handy bag in a 13x9 dish, add 1/4 cup water to the bag, tie off, and bake 45 min. I coated the chops I had (which were 1" thick), and then put them in a slow cooker with 1/4 cup water, and cooked on low for 7.5 hours. Yum.

Update: Got a call from the vet. Jack is out of surgery and waking up, and everything looks good so far. So I'll be going in tomorrow morning to pick him up and talk to the vet.
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