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I have a major idea I'd like to see as a fanfic, post-Deathly Hallows. I needed to get this out of my brain. Hopefully someone can write it... I don't have the eloquence needed to pull it off.

Spoilers for the newest Harry Potter book behind here. You've been warned! )
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Whoops, forgot to post after I got back from Reno... Well, I only lost half of the money I had brought up to gamble with, so it was an almost-successful trip, and I found some really fun machines I hadn't seen at other casninos before that were also paying like crazy most of the time.

And now for HP book. I didn't go get it at midnight, or even preorder it (like I had books 4-6), but I did get it yesterday. Started reading it at about 1 PM, and finished at 3 AM. 14 hours. That beats my record for fastest reading of the new books (which I only started counting at book 4, since that was the first I had gotten on the day it came out) which was 2 days of nigh-constant reading.

In other news, Mom is still stuck on book 5 and is trying to read it again. She got maybe halfway through it after I finished it when it came out, and then after a month of not even touching it, I stole it back. She never even started book 6. And I have yet to take my parents to see either the Transformers or HP movies.


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