Aug. 4th, 2006 03:21 pm
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Trying to work on a fanfic, but I have one major obstacle in my way. See, the begining of the current chapter involves a fight with the group of Marvel villains known as the Zodiac. Problem? There's practically NO information on the Zodiac online! The most I've found has been a group bio at MarvelDirectory, but that isn't helpful as far as my fic goes because it doesn't talk about the individual members, except that by the end of the article, they're all dead. And it also says that the only female member is Virgo, when the comic I'm using for my fic notes that there's twin women in the group. (Speed finds them hot, apparently, and felt the need to mention them.)

I've tried Wikipedia. They have maybe 4-5 sentances on the group, and that's it. I've tried googling them, and I get back nothing.

So, if you know anything about the group, please please HELP ME!!!

EDIT: I have found bios on MarvelDirectory for a few members of Zodiac that seem to be still alive (namely, Aquarius III, Aries V, and Cancer II), but the rest only have bios for the original human members, all dead. None of the andriod versions of the other 9 members are mentioned. For Taurus, that's explainable, as he was the last to die. However, for the rest? GRAH. Need more info before I can start writing...!!!


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