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So I went to try to pick the rest of my friend's plums, and they had gone bad on the tree. :( So I think I'll try making some lemon jelly after picking meyer lemons at my Dad's tomorrow... (Will have to wait to juice them until next week, since I work weekends.)

I've been working on projects for the Ravellenics (they ended up renaming the knitting/crochet games since the USOC was making such a stink. Bleh). I'm working on a scarf for my cousin. I hate knitting scarves, but she's worth it. And maybe this will motivate me enough to actually get it DONE.

Pictures and more of what I've done under here. )

So, that's what I've been up to.
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Yay! I has peachy goodness all cooked up! :D

Pictures of yumminess under here. )


Jul. 24th, 2012 12:52 am
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So, my straight skirt remains partially-sewn. Some more time-sensitive projects have popped up. Namely, fruit that needed to be turned into canned yummies.

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I now have a finished circle skirt!

Pictures and chatty-chat under here. )

And I've already started work on the next skirt... It's a straight skirt I'm drafting, partially based on the instructions in the book Sew What! Skirts, though I'm trying to alter the center back seam so I don't need to sew darts...

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Just finished my skirt! This is two items sewn in two weeks!

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I am super-happy with it, despite the minor problems I struggled through along the way. Now I need to decide what I want to do next. Should I draft and muslin a straight skirt so I can use up the rest of this color fabric? Or should I wash the purple so I can make a full circle skirt out of it? There was enough extra length cut off of this skirt that I should have just enough to make a full circle out of two yards of this width, and again only need to have one seam.
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I've spent a couple hours now just trying to get an even line to hem to on my half-circle skirt... So I know how much to cut off. Makes me wish I had a dressform that mimics my body.

Adding in pictures of my helpers! )


Jun. 29th, 2012 11:40 pm
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I have the skirt done (except hem, which has to wait a few days)!!!

Pictures behind the cut! )

Of course, it's several inches longer than the finish length will be. I prefer my skirts about knee-length. And I'm thinking, once I lose a bit more weight and the waistband starts getting loose, I'm going to sew in an inner waistband cover that conceals elastic that will pull in the waistband some, probably mostly in the back (since that's where I tend to need it the most).

For my next skirt, I'm considering doing a full circle skirt... I have a 2-yard piece of the same fabric (but in purple) that would work well, though I'd need to use a different color for the waistband... I could do it in this teal, or I have some black and white pieces left over from one of the dresses I made for BotCon last year... One thing I'm debating is whether it'd be odd to have a single seam running up the front with a fly zipper... Maybe have the top stitching match the waistband?
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Finally finished sewing this today! And it's all hand-sewn, including overcasting the raw edges on the side and shoulder seams inside..

Pictures under cut. )

And now I've overcasted the raw edges of a linen/rayon blend to wash and make a circle skirt out of. If I manage to get myself off my butt in the morning and work all day, I might be able to get it sewn up tomorrow, to let the bias hang out. And then I could ask a friend to mark the hem length Sunday when I see them for game.
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Hahaha, late posting this, but I had a new arrival Saturday! KP!Jazz arrived.

Pictures under cut. )

And bonus crafty material! )
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Okay. So I got my hair chopped off to start the new year with a new 'do. Last time I got my hair cut was early-ish 2009. (I remember it was sometime during my last semester at UPS.)

Then I had it cut to a shoulder-brushing bob. It had since grown out to my butt, so I figured it was time to cut&donate again.

Bad picture of good hair under here! )
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House still isn't completely clean, but it was clean enough for game night. It went well. :)

And my kitties surprise me. Jack has always been friendly. We've had people over before and he would be out demanding attention. Instead, yesterday and today he's hid like a scaredy cat, and has not let me carry him out. Finally tonight he walked out when we were nearly done and peered into the room warily, only to bolt when someone made a move he didn't like.

After a couple hours Cleo came out and stayed out. She was in the room playing with us and getting treats and pets.

Proof! )

Perhaps one or both will be out more next time I host game.
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KreonPlush!Ratchet has been welcomed to his new home. :D

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Life has a way with screwing with plans. Will get the second BotCon post up soon as I have time.

Meantime, I stopped by JoAnn's on my home. Had some really good finds in the red tag section (which were 50% off, on top of the red tag discount!).

More info, including a picture, under here. )
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Sorry that I haven't been updating! But to make up for it... Pictures of items I've made in my ceramics class! All of these are raku-fired (western-style), so they're more decorative than functional. )
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My mystery lot of ten pins arrived today!

And they're all hidden Mickey pins! )
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I finished the pin case today! I bought sheet protectors yesterday and then felt today and cut the felt while at the family's garage sale, then glued them in when I got home.

And for more pictures. Hee... )
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Well, today when I was in Long's Drugs picking up a card for my aunt's birthday, I noticed a binder that was zip-up and came with a shoulder strap! But I didn't really like the front, and it was $14, so I was all 'no way!' and put it back. Good thing too.

My uncle and I were talking after dinner and before cake/presents about pins, and he mentioned that he had brought over some pins to sell (though they weren't Disney). Well, while we were looking through the garage sale stuff in the garage for them, I found a binder one of my cousins had put out to sell. It was a zip-up one, and would do great! So I just snagged it and put it with my stuff to go home. (Hey, anything taken from family before the sale starts is free!)

So I get home and I'm thinking, "Cool! Now I just need the shoulder strap and the inserts." And as I'm puttering about my room, I hit a bag I got for free from Grand Sierra in Reno... Well, it was a free bag so the quality wasn't that good. One day as I was getting out of the car with it over my shoulder the fabric holding the plastic loops that the strap was hooked to broke. That meant I could no longer use the strap with it, but the strap was still in good condition! So now I have a free extra strap for it!

See my handiwork? )

So I was able to cobble together something satisfactory for free compared to $14 at the store. Whoo!

Also when we were talking, my uncle told me about a pin seller that's always in the same spot at this one flea market who sells many kinds of pins, including Disney. However, I don't think I'll be able to get to one until I come back for Christmas. *sad*

And Em? My family's garage sale is at my grandma's this Friday and Saturday if you or anyone in your family wants to browse through it.
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Posting this now because it was late when I got home Thursday night, and I worked all yesterday and I was lazy today, but now it's 11:49 and I should be sleeping for tomorrow's company picnic, but I want to post this.

Disneyland was fun! (Even though [ profile] niteflite walked my feet off, they only stopped hurting today, and the skin on the backs of my feet are still healing from where I rubbed the top layer off by bringing shoes that were really too new still.) We now have lots of good memories and good stories to tell, and we went on all the rides we wanted to and then some, and saw many good shows.

Also, I'm now hooked on pin trading! )

And there are pics from the trip, though the ones on my camera are mostly the last day (since I forgot to take my camera to the park the first two days--whoops!). However, I haven't uploaded those pics yet, so they'll have to wait for another post.
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