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I now have a finished circle skirt!

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And I've already started work on the next skirt... It's a straight skirt I'm drafting, partially based on the instructions in the book Sew What! Skirts, though I'm trying to alter the center back seam so I don't need to sew darts...

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Okay, so I decided to go with making the purple skirt next, got the fabric washed...

And then Cleo decided she wanted to play while I was ironing the fabric. She snagged it with her claws, but I don't think there was any actual breakage... It all seemed fine after I pressed it and wiggled the strands back into place with the tip of a pin.

Next problem! The fabric was supposed to be 54" across. Apparently it shrunk in the wash, because when I folded it, it ended up being 51" across. This means the skirt would be an inch shorter, and have absolutely no wiggle room for hemming. So do I still make the circle skirt, or do I make another half-circle?

On the other hand, I ended up having enough in the length that I could make the waistband in the same color.
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Just finished my skirt! This is two items sewn in two weeks!

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I am super-happy with it, despite the minor problems I struggled through along the way. Now I need to decide what I want to do next. Should I draft and muslin a straight skirt so I can use up the rest of this color fabric? Or should I wash the purple so I can make a full circle skirt out of it? There was enough extra length cut off of this skirt that I should have just enough to make a full circle out of two yards of this width, and again only need to have one seam.
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I've spent a couple hours now just trying to get an even line to hem to on my half-circle skirt... So I know how much to cut off. Makes me wish I had a dressform that mimics my body.

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Jun. 29th, 2012 11:40 pm
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I have the skirt done (except hem, which has to wait a few days)!!!

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Of course, it's several inches longer than the finish length will be. I prefer my skirts about knee-length. And I'm thinking, once I lose a bit more weight and the waistband starts getting loose, I'm going to sew in an inner waistband cover that conceals elastic that will pull in the waistband some, probably mostly in the back (since that's where I tend to need it the most).

For my next skirt, I'm considering doing a full circle skirt... I have a 2-yard piece of the same fabric (but in purple) that would work well, though I'd need to use a different color for the waistband... I could do it in this teal, or I have some black and white pieces left over from one of the dresses I made for BotCon last year... One thing I'm debating is whether it'd be odd to have a single seam running up the front with a fly zipper... Maybe have the top stitching match the waistband?
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Finally finished sewing this today! And it's all hand-sewn, including overcasting the raw edges on the side and shoulder seams inside..

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And now I've overcasted the raw edges of a linen/rayon blend to wash and make a circle skirt out of. If I manage to get myself off my butt in the morning and work all day, I might be able to get it sewn up tomorrow, to let the bias hang out. And then I could ask a friend to mark the hem length Sunday when I see them for game.
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Cut to spare the uninterested from unpleasantness. )

But, in happier news. I have gotten over a bit of a hump and actually cut fabric to sew a peasant blouse, and I've started sewing them together. Four seams in! Several more to go... I'm using this sateen, and hand-sewing it. I'm going to need to figure out what to do to set the seams, since the care instructions on the end of the bolt said no iron...
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What? It's well past Christmas? I still haven't gotten my presents finished!

Seriously. Only doing two presents this year, and I still haven't finished them. At least the socks only have one heel to do, and to weave in the ends. And I finally gave in, got out Mom's machine, and am sewing the MLP plush at the house with the cats. I was afraid they'd be a little too curious, but so far they've pretty much been ignoring what I'm doing. At least this is going faster than hand-sewing!
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So, finished cleaning the small bedroom, including vacuuming. Also vacuumed the master bedroom, the bathroom, and the hallway. I'm folding the clothes and towels I washed Saturday too late to fold then. Just need to wash all the dishes that were used yesterday and house will be clean enough for when my brother arrives later this week.

I've also been working on hand-piecing squares for a quilt. First time working on a quilt, and I'm doing this by hand so I have something to do during game nights. I'm doing blocks that are a foot square, made up of squares 3"x3" (so a total of 16 squares per block). I have three blocks completed, and I'm a little over halfway done with the fourth. These are going much faster than I thought they would, and my stitching evened up pretty quickly too. I'm amazed.
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Been in a sewing mood lately. However, my sewing supplies (fabric, patterns, machine, tools) are all at my parents' house in SC and I live at the house in SJ. So I can't always sew when I'm in the mood. So instead I've been working on a pattern/paper mock-up for a Wheeljack plush.

Paper is amazing for mocking up the body, with all the blocky shapes. For all the complex curves of his head on the other hand... Totally sucks. lol And the head is the last part for me to mock-up... I'm in the middle of it. I'll post pictures once I have the the mock-up cut out and taped up.
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But my knitting kit is MIA. It has everything I need to finish knitting projects (and I have one that I need the kit to finish). It also has all of my crochet hooks in the main sizes I use.

Also, all of my sewing equipment/supplies are at one house. I'm at the other. :/ I printed out a free pattern while I was at work and I'm cutting out the pieces to tape together to cut out the pattern pieces.

...I still want to be sewing. (sigh)
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Life has a way with screwing with plans. Will get the second BotCon post up soon as I have time.

Meantime, I stopped by JoAnn's on my home. Had some really good finds in the red tag section (which were 50% off, on top of the red tag discount!).

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