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WHY did my brother's Transformer toys gave to go MIA??? I just found a picture from his 5th birthday where he's triumphantly holding up a Kup toy! *sobs* And there's other pictures elsewhere with him with other TF toys.

...At least I have the blanket. And he's not getting it back! >:D
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Been in a sewing mood lately. However, my sewing supplies (fabric, patterns, machine, tools) are all at my parents' house in SC and I live at the house in SJ. So I can't always sew when I'm in the mood. So instead I've been working on a pattern/paper mock-up for a Wheeljack plush.

Paper is amazing for mocking up the body, with all the blocky shapes. For all the complex curves of his head on the other hand... Totally sucks. lol And the head is the last part for me to mock-up... I'm in the middle of it. I'll post pictures once I have the the mock-up cut out and taped up.
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KreonPlush!Ratchet has been welcomed to his new home. :D

Pictures under here. )
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I finally got around to taking Jazz out of his packaging and transforming him. )

In other news, I've totally figured out my two o chem lab unknowns, and it was so easy this year (as opposed to last year's unknowns). Everything fell right into place. ^_^ *pleased*
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Will be updating this list as I get more, but I wanna have it someplace where I can keep it and not lose it.

Behind a cut so as not to take up as much room. )

122 Transformers.

Autobots: (Or similar) 96
Decepticons: (Or similar) 26


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