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WHY did my brother's Transformer toys gave to go MIA??? I just found a picture from his 5th birthday where he's triumphantly holding up a Kup toy! *sobs* And there's other pictures elsewhere with him with other TF toys.

...At least I have the blanket. And he's not getting it back! >:D
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Talked to Mom.

She said we'll try to get me to BotCon. No guarantees, though. Also, I can bring the sewing machine with me! *dances* Not like it'd get any use staying at home. lol

More cosplay ramblings under here. )
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I know I hardly ever use this thing anymore. Bad me. However, I want to get my thoughts down before I forget them, and hopefully get some tips/pointers from friends who know more about this than I do.

BotCon! )

Potential cosplaying! )

Whoo. Long post.


Aug. 13th, 2007 02:03 pm
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In Transformers Movie '07 news: I saw it for the fourth time last Thursday, and finally dragged my dad out to see it yesterday, his first and my fifth time! ...I still love it. And I still want to hug Jazz.

And in other news: I'm heading over to [ profile] niteflite's pretty soon here, and early tomorrow morning we're flying down to DISNEYLAND! Won't be back on until late Thursday at the earliest.
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Whoops, forgot to post after I got back from Reno... Well, I only lost half of the money I had brought up to gamble with, so it was an almost-successful trip, and I found some really fun machines I hadn't seen at other casninos before that were also paying like crazy most of the time.

And now for HP book. I didn't go get it at midnight, or even preorder it (like I had books 4-6), but I did get it yesterday. Started reading it at about 1 PM, and finished at 3 AM. 14 hours. That beats my record for fastest reading of the new books (which I only started counting at book 4, since that was the first I had gotten on the day it came out) which was 2 days of nigh-constant reading.

In other news, Mom is still stuck on book 5 and is trying to read it again. She got maybe halfway through it after I finished it when it came out, and then after a month of not even touching it, I stole it back. She never even started book 6. And I have yet to take my parents to see either the Transformers or HP movies.
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Spoilers behind here. You've been warned! )

I'm planning on seeing it again tomorrow, matinee showing. Hee.


May. 7th, 2007 06:11 am
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Just got this lovely new program that can take screencaps. And while it can be a pain to get just the shot you want... Oh boy have I been using it!

ICONAGE! Free for ganking, but please credit! )

Oh, and the tailpipe one? That's not from a screencap, it's from a pic I found googling online. Heh. >_>
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I made another GF music video! And Knave? If you can, try to get Wayward to watch it too. Hee hee hee...


Jul. 14th, 2006 11:01 pm
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Click here to see a Galaxy Force music video I made to the song "Life is a Highway"! Warnings for slightly slashy implications.
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...Okay okay, so I'm going to do the 28 fics memes that's been going around. You know the deal. I give you a list, and you claim a couple, and then I write a short (usually 100-300 words) fic about it. And please, no really odd-ball pairings. I don't mind slash, but I don't have the mental capacity to be able to slash just anybody together.

28 Exillion/Exigeyesers (please indicate which form of him)

1. Naughty Exi Claimed!
2. Happy Exi
3. Silly Exi Claimed!
4. Angsty Exi Claimed!
5. On-Vacation Exi Claimed!
6. Horny Exi Claimed!
7. Transforming Exi
8. Excited Exi Claimed!
9. Book-Reading Exi Claimed!
10. Dancing Exi Claimed!
11. Jealous Exi Claimed!
12. Turned-On Exi Claimed!
13. Caring Exi Claimed!
14. On-His-Knees Exi Claimed!
15. Obedient Exi Claimed!
16. Dominant Exi
17. Naive Exi
18. Drinking-Energon Exi
19. Greedy Exi Claimed!
20. Daring Exi
21. Exploring Exi Claimed!
22. At The Beach Exi Claimed!
23. Bath-Time Exi Claimed!
24. Disheveled Exi Claimed!
25. Exhausted Exi
26. Well-Shagged Exi Claimed!
27. Kick-Ass Exi Claimed!
28. Playing With Kids Exi


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