Jun. 8th, 2012

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Sorry I haven't been keeping up on here much, folks. I'm still alive, though!

So, Sunday was my birthday. I happened to spend it on a Disneyland trip with my father, brother, niece, brother's fiancee, and two nieces-to-be. Brother and his daughter live in Phoenix, so they drove from there, while the rest of us drove down from up here in the Bay Area. We went to Downtown Disney for dinner, and ate at Tortilla Jo's, where brother managed to convince the waiter to do a birthday song. Man, I went 26 years without getting embarrassed at restaurants... Anyways, since the wait list was about an hour for Tortilla Jo's when we got there, we signed up then went over to the Grand Californian Hotel and got drinks at their bar. I had my first strawberry daiquiri with alcohol in well over a year... and we got light-up clips with each drink (four in total). Last time my brother was there, the clip was Tinkerbell. This time it was Ariel, rather appropriate! There was enough for one for each girl, and one for the birthday girl.

We were in the park Monday and Tuesday. Monday we did the Minnie and Friends breakfast at the Plaza Inn. Tuesday was a late start day. My favorite of the rides are the Mountain rides and the California Screamin' coaster. Unfortunately, we didn't get to most of them because we had three young girls between 3-5 in the group. The one who would have enjoyed them was too small for any, and the one tall enough to go on all of them was too scared. So lots of more kiddie rides and activities.

I did do pin trading in the park (a fair amount, actually), and bought more pins for souvenirs, including five from the new movie Brave.

Met up with [personal profile] sakon76 Tuesday, and had a great dinner with her at the House of Blues. Lots of fun chatting over good food, and she gave me one of her rosemary cuttings! <3

And then we drove home Wednesday. After SIL-to-be ordered pizza for dinner, I thought that was a good idea and did the same for myself.

And I have pictures here, but there's just too many to post on here.

And man, I really gotta get my stuff together and figure out how to make Ariel's blue peasant girl dress... I want it to be as cartoon-accurate as possible, which is hard enough when I'm not super-good at sewing... And then I have to figure out a corset that would work as well, and I have no idea how to make a corset that would a) work with my body, and b) work with that outfit. (I thought about making the black/navy bodice also a corset, but then you'd need extra layers so that the boning wouldn't show through...


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