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I now have a finished circle skirt!

In order to get as much length as I possibly could out of the skirt, I only used a 1/2” seam allowance on the front seam, and I didn’t leave extra room for the flaps for the fly. Instead, I sewed on flaps from a different fabric. And I made the waistband longer in the back, so the difference in length needed for my bum wouldn’t have to come from the skirt piece itself.

…Now I’m so in love with how I did the fly, that I want that to be standard for me…

And then for hemming and minimizing length lost there… I just did a line of stitching 1/4” from the edge, pressed it under at that line, and then tried using a twin needle and top stitching the edge down. Not only is it holding the edge down, but the zigzag of the thread on the backside also served to finish the raw edge of the hem. So RTW!

And you can tell it’s my first time using a twin needle. No matter how I played around with it, I couldn’t get the tension just right. It’s well enough that I’m not going to fuss, though I hope I can get it better the next time I try to use a twin needle.

The skirt twirls so nicely!

And I've already started work on the next skirt... It's a straight skirt I'm drafting, partially based on the instructions in the book Sew What! Skirts, though I'm trying to alter the center back seam so I don't need to sew darts...

I've already done one draft and muslin. The plan is go to from zero ease at the waist to 2” ease around the hips for sitting purposes…

As far as fitting issues that I’ve seen… I’m getting this weird bump where the curve straightens out in the back seam. Pulling the waist up to where it’s straight makes it disappear some, but not all of it. And then as I move, the waist slides back down again. :/

And yes, I can sit in it. Easily. And I can easily walk around in the skirt, even though I forgot to leave a vent open. I can actually stand with my legs pretty wide apart in the skirt, and that’s with it several inches longer than the final length! I’m still going to be adding a godet in the back in a lighter, contrasting fabric for fun, though.
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