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So I have an ambition project for tomorrow... prepping future game-night foods to stick in the freezer. Mostly casseroles, filled pastas (either ravioli or tortelloni), and hand pies. Most of these will have both meat and vegetarian versions, and the meat for it got cooked up yesterday.

I’m trying to brainstorm ideas for the vegetarian fillings.

The casseroles are easy. Mac and cheese is already vegetarian (the vegetarians in the group are lacto-ovo, and looove their cheese). The vegetarian enchiladas will have me working on perfecting my taco “meat” TSP/TVP. Easy-peasy.

For the other two, I want to work with what I’ve already got in the house… Viable options that I have to work with include:
-white beans
-white long grain rice
-pearl barley
-butternut squash
-homemade yogurt (last resort, mostly)

I’m actually thinking about putting the butternut squash in the slower cooker overnight, and then taking some and mashing it with white beans… A friend of mine once made butternut squash soup that he added white beans to for extra protein and a non-dairy creaminess. It was delicious. I’m a bit worried that mashing the two together would leave the filling too dense...

As it stands now, I have both pasta and pastry dough in the fridge, chilling, to await their filling tomorrow.
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So, Evil Game. I'm playing a monk. We're in an underground corridor, that was partially blocked. I decided to show off and acrobat over the blockage instead of climb over. I accidentally set off a trap in the ceiling, causing rocks to fall into the room. One of the other characters rolled a 1 on his reflex save. At the HP level he was at, it would take 66 points damage to instantly kill him with no chance of saving him. He took 65 points damage.

Let's just say the character with the healing spells is Not Happy with my character. :D

And given this is the Evil Game, my character doesn't really care. He's actually a bit amused, though he's not showing it.
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So, in past posts I've alluded to the fact that I'm part of a gaming group that meets every Sunday night. We currently have a rotation of three houses and four games, and 6-7 people (depending on the game). Well, two of the group (Best Friend and her husband) are vegetarian. And this group is really good about being guinea pigs for my culinary experiments.

Well, for this week I decided I wanted to make enchiladas. Well, a lasagna-like version of enchiladas since my crock's in a circle and that doesn't hold logs of tortillas wrapped around filling very well. I'm also playing around with TVP for the first time as a part of the filling. And given that I'm cooking in a crock pot due to lack of oven, I also run the risk of everything turning to a pot of mush. I've done some things to hopefully prevent that from happening...

Rough recipe-ish description under here. )

So wish me luck with that... The crock isn't as full as I'd like for feeding six people, most of whom are big eaters, but I also have the fail!brownies and some homemade chocolate ice cream to hopefully make up for that.
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I've been craving lots of chocolate lately, so I decided I'd try making brownie bites in the mini muffin maker with the family brownie recipe...

I only did two batches in the muffin maker before dumping the rest of the batter into the crock pot to just bake off however it wants. The "bites" were little balls of fluff, rather than chewy brownies. Tasty, but the second batch didn't come out cleanly because I didn't re-spray the pan between the two batches.

Part of my problem was the fat in the recipe, I'm convinced. The original recipe calls for margarine, but butter is what I had on hand. And they do seem to act different in baked goods. My favorite oat cookies growing up turn out a bit fluffy with margarine, but spread waaaay out with butter. And I think I tried making this recipe once before with butter and didn't have good results then either... and that was back when the oven was working.

So, next time I try to make brownie bites, I'm going to switch out close to 2/3 of the fat with oil, and then swap most of the whole eggs for egg yolks. The increase of unsaturated fat should help with a chewy texture, and let me get away with less other-liquid. And being able to get rid of other liquid means I can get rid of egg whites, and egg whites tend to make baked goods fluffy.

...I hope that will be enough to make brownie bites. LOL
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So, Jack went in for his one-week follow up today. Incision site looks good, and he's walking well, all things considered. I couldn't get him to take the final dose of antibiotics this morning (he's wary of treats now, darn it... I'm going to need to remind him that they're good), but that was dose #8 and she wanted him on them a week, so no biggie.

He's also been a love-bug this week, wanting to lay on my lap a lot. Including under the blanket the last few mornings (it's been cold!). <3
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So, surgery went well, and he's very awake today. He has a fabric Cone of Shame to wear while I can't directly supervise him. (I just put it on him after it came off in the hamper, and he seemed to be okay with me putting it on him.) I have meds to give him, and I'm supposed to have a one-week followup which can be over the phone if everything looks good on the incision, and a two-week followup to remove the sutures. He's supposed to be kept quiet for three weeks... That's going to be hard. I currently have him closed off in the master bed/bathroom area, but that also has most of the difficult jumps he likes to do. I'm going to need to figure out something to either dissuade him or steps to make them easier... And then there's Cleo. I have her out in the main house so she can run around and doesn't bug him, but neither like doors when someone's on the other side. When I was sitting with Jack after letting him out, she was whining and trying to get in. I let her in briefly so she could check him out, but then shooed her out.

They gave him his painkillers this morning at the vet's office, so he just needed the antibiotics. Both are pills, since I told them he was better at taking those. And to prove me right, I got his antibiotics in the treat mash, and he gobbled it as soon as I offered it.

My poor handsome boy... His left hip and the part of his belly even with his hip has been shaved. But he does have a boot on his left foot!
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So, took Jack in to the vet's this morning for surgery. Poor baby was starving and the pain meds starting to wear off, so he was Not Happy. And then the surgeon had an emergency and so was running way late. Like, they're expecting him to get in about now (5:30 PM Pacific). So they'll be keeping Jack overnight. (That way I'm not taking him home still knocked out on drugs from the surgery.)

And I've been keeping myself busy today to combat the worry. )

Update: Got a call from the vet. Jack is out of surgery and waking up, and everything looks good so far. So I'll be going in tomorrow morning to pick him up and talk to the vet.
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The wonderful [personal profile] eerian_sadow has set up a fundraise drive for anyone who wants to put in a donation to help cover the costs for my Jack's surgery.

Help Save Wheeljack's Leg

I thank everyone for their love, and their support, whether it be emotional or financial. My kitties are my babies, and it's hard to see one's babies hurt and in pain.
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So, he did break his leg bone, up where the ball joint attaches to the rest of the femur. The surgery to fix that involves removing the ball at the break, and then the leg muscles compensate for the lack. Vet says that usually cats are putting weight back on the leg within days of the surgery. So right now it's just keep him home and give him pain meds, and we're going to work on scheduling the surgery.

If he would only swallow the dang pill instead of spitting it back out. *sigh*

Money is definitely going to be tight, though.

Oh no

Sep. 7th, 2012 12:28 pm
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Wheeljack, my boy cat, has hurt his back left leg. I've made an appointment with the nearest vet, which will still be an hour before we leave. (The closest emergency vet is a corporate chain, and thus super-pricey.)

Update: Okay, spoke to the vet. He was only hurting on his femur and knee. Internals sounded good, he is a bit chubby, but I already knew that and have been slowly backing off on their food. Vet thinks he most likely sprained his leg, but is taking X-rays just to make sure there isn't a break.
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I have both yogurt culturing and my bread machine going at the same time. Since the 'yogurt' smelled like yeast the first time I made it after I had bread already in the works, I reversed the order tonight. The proto-yogurt was safely in sterilized jars and culturing before I even grabbed the bread machine bowl to start dumping ingredients in.

Gotta love wee little microscopic beasties.

I really love the idea of having/growing a sourdough starter, to be science-y all the time, but I don't like sourdough bread. :(

And I also want to try making a small batch of yogurt using cream instead of milk. That would be insanely rich, and I hope very decadent.
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So I went to try to pick the rest of my friend's plums, and they had gone bad on the tree. :( So I think I'll try making some lemon jelly after picking meyer lemons at my Dad's tomorrow... (Will have to wait to juice them until next week, since I work weekends.)

I've been working on projects for the Ravellenics (they ended up renaming the knitting/crochet games since the USOC was making such a stink. Bleh). I'm working on a scarf for my cousin. I hate knitting scarves, but she's worth it. And maybe this will motivate me enough to actually get it DONE.

Pictures and more of what I've done under here. )

So, that's what I've been up to.
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Yay! I has peachy goodness all cooked up! :D

Pictures of yumminess under here. )


Jul. 24th, 2012 12:52 am
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So, my straight skirt remains partially-sewn. Some more time-sensitive projects have popped up. Namely, fruit that needed to be turned into canned yummies.

More behind here, including pictures! )
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I now have a finished circle skirt!

Pictures and chatty-chat under here. )

And I've already started work on the next skirt... It's a straight skirt I'm drafting, partially based on the instructions in the book Sew What! Skirts, though I'm trying to alter the center back seam so I don't need to sew darts...

More under here, including pictures. )
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Okay, so I decided to go with making the purple skirt next, got the fabric washed...

And then Cleo decided she wanted to play while I was ironing the fabric. She snagged it with her claws, but I don't think there was any actual breakage... It all seemed fine after I pressed it and wiggled the strands back into place with the tip of a pin.

Next problem! The fabric was supposed to be 54" across. Apparently it shrunk in the wash, because when I folded it, it ended up being 51" across. This means the skirt would be an inch shorter, and have absolutely no wiggle room for hemming. So do I still make the circle skirt, or do I make another half-circle?

On the other hand, I ended up having enough in the length that I could make the waistband in the same color.
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Just finished my skirt! This is two items sewn in two weeks!

Stats and pic under here. )

I am super-happy with it, despite the minor problems I struggled through along the way. Now I need to decide what I want to do next. Should I draft and muslin a straight skirt so I can use up the rest of this color fabric? Or should I wash the purple so I can make a full circle skirt out of it? There was enough extra length cut off of this skirt that I should have just enough to make a full circle out of two yards of this width, and again only need to have one seam.
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I've spent a couple hours now just trying to get an even line to hem to on my half-circle skirt... So I know how much to cut off. Makes me wish I had a dressform that mimics my body.

Adding in pictures of my helpers! )


Jun. 29th, 2012 11:40 pm
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I have the skirt done (except hem, which has to wait a few days)!!!

Pictures behind the cut! )

Of course, it's several inches longer than the finish length will be. I prefer my skirts about knee-length. And I'm thinking, once I lose a bit more weight and the waistband starts getting loose, I'm going to sew in an inner waistband cover that conceals elastic that will pull in the waistband some, probably mostly in the back (since that's where I tend to need it the most).

For my next skirt, I'm considering doing a full circle skirt... I have a 2-yard piece of the same fabric (but in purple) that would work well, though I'd need to use a different color for the waistband... I could do it in this teal, or I have some black and white pieces left over from one of the dresses I made for BotCon last year... One thing I'm debating is whether it'd be odd to have a single seam running up the front with a fly zipper... Maybe have the top stitching match the waistband?
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