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I've been craving lots of chocolate lately, so I decided I'd try making brownie bites in the mini muffin maker with the family brownie recipe...

I only did two batches in the muffin maker before dumping the rest of the batter into the crock pot to just bake off however it wants. The "bites" were little balls of fluff, rather than chewy brownies. Tasty, but the second batch didn't come out cleanly because I didn't re-spray the pan between the two batches.

Part of my problem was the fat in the recipe, I'm convinced. The original recipe calls for margarine, but butter is what I had on hand. And they do seem to act different in baked goods. My favorite oat cookies growing up turn out a bit fluffy with margarine, but spread waaaay out with butter. And I think I tried making this recipe once before with butter and didn't have good results then either... and that was back when the oven was working.

So, next time I try to make brownie bites, I'm going to switch out close to 2/3 of the fat with oil, and then swap most of the whole eggs for egg yolks. The increase of unsaturated fat should help with a chewy texture, and let me get away with less other-liquid. And being able to get rid of other liquid means I can get rid of egg whites, and egg whites tend to make baked goods fluffy.

...I hope that will be enough to make brownie bites. LOL


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