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Hahaha, late posting this, but I had a new arrival Saturday! KP!Jazz arrived.

That is actually a hanger for planters for indoor plants. Replace the tub with a clear bowl and voila! Instant home for plushes where they can see all the action, but be safe from curious kitties. They were up in time to bear witness (and be amused by) this past Sunday's game night.

...And I think I forgot to announce/post pics when Optimus arrived. Whoops.

So I'm working on a few crafty projects. I'm taking part in a mystery knit-along put on by the Knitter's Brewing Company, with the pattern being released on Ravelry. The pattern is free during the KAL, but I think they might switch to paid patterns later on. I did the mystery KAL last year too.

My socks so far:

The first clue was scheduled to be released the 13th, but was instead released the 12th. I finished the first toe on the 12th, and the second on the 13th. So I've also been working on other projects.

I crocheted a bag to hold my stitch markers out of sock yarn, for one.

I've also started to work on a set for my cousin for snowboarding, using a superwash merino wool. Right now I'm working on the scarf, but I will also do a hat. I may do socks, if I have enough yarn left after the other two. She requested hot pink and black. Not my favorite color combo, but it's for her. And the hot pink will be very visible in the snow!


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